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Las Vegas PokerThoughts manifest whatever we think about. Bad thoughts have already been implanted in us by outside forces. We also have already created bad thoughts in response to neglect or abuse. Therefore they have already manifested much of whom we believe and perceive ourselves to be. That is why until now they have been so difficult to Identify and Let Go Of Our egos and very existence defends, sustains, nurtures, obeys, fears, and is a prisoner of our bad thoughts and our false core beliefs we cling to that which supports them.

Your THOUGHT TERRORISTS are PAPER TIGERS with no Power except the power we don’t realize we are giving them. They are parasitic vermin that give nothing of value to your life. You will learn the techniques in “No-Limit Life” so your Thought Terrorists will never again go berserk, run amok and wreak havoc in your poker game and in your life.

Memorize as a Mantra my Ten Commitments in No-Limit Life  and cement them solidly into your mind. They are tools that will help you solve (heal) life-long issues and seemingly unsolvable problems that have sabotaged your game and your life ever since you can remember. If you do this, it will help protect you from your thought terrorists and help you let go of them. We all can become expert Thought Terrorist Bounty Hunters and spread personal freedom throughout our entire planet. I have become an expert Thought Terrorist Bounty Hunter. Join me in using the most powerful healing forces in the Universe already residing within you to achieve the personal freedom you have always craved. Learn how to unleash the power in your mind to hunt your Bad Thoughts, like fears and doubts, into extinction; i.e.: Asking, Prayer, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Faith, Courage and Integrity are some of the many powerful healing forces I am referring to.

Reading No-Limit Life is all you need to set yourself solidly on this path. Bad thoughts, like good ones, are contagious and affect all you come in contact with. Learn how to let go of your bad thoughts and implant good thoughts (Ten Commitments) into your mind. You will manifest only good outcomes.


By: Carlos Mortensen, World Series of Poker Champion 2002, World Poker Tour Champion 2005

NO-LIMIT LIFE has not only helped me when playing in many tournaments, but also in many aspects of my personal life

By: Scotty Nguyen, World Series of Poker Champion 2004

I always smile when I see Charlie because I know that my game and my life are about to get better!"

By: Earl Burton, High Point, NC — February 24, 2006

Charlie Shoten's "No-Limit Life" is a book that goes vastly beyond simply improving your poker game. In the book, Charlie helps the reader attack a portion of their game that many of us have no control over, the mindset. He has commendably figured out what keeps many people from achieving the maximum from their abilities, whether at the tables or in the game of life itself.

While most books only point out the signs of difficulties and problems, Charlie has not only shown the signs of what attacks our mental states but also offers ways to counteract these attackers. It is a significant step for a tome that acts as a "help" book when the help is provided in the reading of the book, instead of through much time, expense and continued analysis.

By reading and implementing the advise given in "No-Limit Life", anyone can achieve their goals and ambitions, whether they are a poker player or someone who is in a completely different field. It is useful to anyone in becoming a better human being and Charlie should be commended for his approach to looking at life and its various travails.

Lyle Berman writes letter about Charlie's book — February 28, 2006

When I purchased "No-Limit Life" from Charlie he asked me to be sure I read it. I am very glad I did. I couldn't put it down. I read most of it while I was playing a major poker tournament in Las Vegas. It is a beautiful colorful book, interesting, enjoyable, and puts a smile on your face at every page. It can help you see yourself differently and shift you life's priorities.

I purchased 12 more books as gifts for my family and friends. Later, I ordered another dozen because many of those who received a copy had the same response I had. This speaks of how I feel about Charlie's book. Not only will your poker game improve, but your life as well.

Thank you Charlie for writing "No-Limit Life". Players and non-players of poker all over the world should enjoy and benefit from your wonderful book.

Lyle Berman
Founder/World Poker Tour/Travel Channel
Chairman of the Board/CEO
Lakes Entertainment, Inc.

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Best Books Awards, 2005 — USA Book News Finalist Category: Psychology/ Mental Health

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